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August 08, 2022 - Agtech

CRISPR’s Next 10 Years: From Lab To Plate?

Planting the Seeds of Change

Originally published on the World Agri-tech website.

10 years on from its discovery, CRISPR’s potential for agricultural adaptation has started to gather momentum. In advance of the 2022 World Agri-tech Innovation Summit in London, the industry’s leading specialists weighed in on what new frontiers and capabilities we can expect for the coming decade ahead. Michael Ward, Head of MoFo’s Life Sciences and Patent Practice Groups & IP Group Co-Chair, along with Sarah E. Bloch, Patent Agent, shared their predictions:

“From an agricultural perspective, CRISPR has already led to an array of technologies that can advance crop productivity and sustainability. I hope that in the coming decade these efforts can continue to accelerate and have a global impact for both consumers and growers. To achieve this, it will be critical to have clear regulatory pathways that allow safe deployment of CRISPR technology without creating undue barriers to entry, particularly in those jurisdictions that set the standards for others. For example, a clarified regulatory pathway for commercializing CRISPR-edited crops in Europe would enable deployment of valuable technologies not only in Europe, but likely also in many other countries that would likely follow Europe’s lead.”

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