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April 30, 2024 - Corporate + Venture Capital, Employment, Financing, Global, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Privacy + Data Security, Regulatory, Startup

When Your Life Sciences Are on the Line: Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Trade Secrets

MoFo Perspective Podcast

MoFo partners Kate Driscoll and Nate Mendell launched the MoFo life sciences podcast When Your Life Sciences Are on the Line this week, and Episode 1 is now available. The podcast features interviews with legal experts who share insights and advice you just might need when your life sciences are on the line.

The special guest for Episode 1 was Jim Krenn, a MoFo partner whose practice is focused on major corporate transactions for emerging and established companies in the life sciences. Jim, Nate, and Kate discuss strategies to maximize and protect the value of trade secrets, how investing in compliance early pays dividends as companies mature, and where companies may face government scrutiny on the journey from startup to public company.

Trade secrets play a central role in raising capital, selling a company, and going public, and the rise of cyber breaches and sophisticated intellectual property theft has pushed investors to look closely at how trade secrets are safeguarded. Jim maps out strategies for maximizing the value of trade secrets at key stages and discusses with Nate and Kate how to protect a critical asset for many life sciences companies.

Early-stage companies often focus on development and growth, but an appropriate compliance function is important to control present and future downside risk. Jim explains the decision dynamics at play, and Kate discusses how increased scrutiny on life sciences companies makes good compliance a winning value proposition.

Outside scrutiny on company systems peaks when the time comes to take a company public or consider a merger or acquisition. Interested parties pore over compliance functions at this stage, particularly in the highly regulated life sciences industry. Nate and Kate discuss corresponding risks for company insiders.