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August 02, 2023 - FDA, Regulatory, AI + Robotics, Healthcare

5 Questions About Generative AI in Healthcare

Patenting Artificial Intelligence in the U.S. – Considerations for AI Companies

Brigid Bondoc and Wendy Chow authored an article for HealthTech about what the recent growth of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools means for providers and patients.

“In the absence of a clear legal and ethical framework that promotes the complete scope of the benefits of generative AI across the healthcare ecosystem, the full potential of the technology cannot be attained,” the authors wrote.

They added: “AI healthcare applications today are cautiously serving in the administrative and supportive roles of the delivery system. But the true potential lies in the shift of technological tools from assistive to primary instruments of medical care. To integrate those tools into the healthcare environment, there must be a framework that addresses hard ethical and legal questions. Who will be practicing medicine: the doctor or the machine? What role should governments play in ensuring safety, impartiality and accountability?”

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