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May 28, 2019 - AI + Robotics, Data Analytics

AI And Life Sciences – A New Wave Of Innovation

Patenting Artificial Intelligence in the U.S. – Considerations for AI Companies

Artificial intelligence and life sciences the combination of the two is creating a new wave of innovation. With AI, we now have the power to analyze massive amounts of data for drug discovery, medical diagnosis, biotechnology, clinical trials, personalized medicine, electronic health records, and patient monitoring. The increased interest in AI in the life sciences sector is apparent. More and more funding is being directed to research like Oxford’s use of AI technology to diagnose heart disease and lung cancer at a much earlier stage. Events, such as conferences, that draw large crowds are focusing more and more on the role AI plays in life sciences. The numbers are also increasing for companies. According to Deloitte, more than 250 startups focused on gene-based therapeutic solutions have popped up. Further, the major players in this landscape are expanding by making moves such as acquiring startup companies to strength their capabilities. We are also seeing pharmaceutical companies starting to collaborate with technology companies.