Because No One is Immune to the Law
May 20, 2022 - Agtech, Intellectual Property, Asia

China’s New Seed Law: Molecular Varieties and Macro Developments

Liz Freeman Rosenzweig co-authored an article for China IPR examining China's new and much anticipated Seed Law, which went into effect on March 1, 2022.

"The new Seed Law reflects a significant expansion in the scope of plant breeders' rights (PRB) protection in China," Liz wrote. "PBRs are a sui generis form of intellectual property protection available in many countries for plant varieties, similar to but distinct from patents or other forms of IP."

She added: "The first major change in the Seed Law is the introduction of EDVs [essentially derived varieties], which are required to be protected by China if/when it accedes to UPOV '91, the latest UPOV Convention. As China is currently a member of UPOV '78, the inclusion of EDVs is a major step in the direction of accession. Hinting strongly at exactly that, the definition of EDVs in the new Seed Law closely mirrors UPOV's definitions. This is a positive departure from the Draft PVP Regulations, which were the first to formally float the idea of EDVs into the Chinese PVP system, but did not precisely use UPOV's definition."

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