Because No One is Immune to the Law
March 02, 2021 - United States, European Union, Intellectual Property

Key EU Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

GSAS Harvard Biotech Club and Morrison & Foerster’s Patent Course Off to a Roaring Start!

Session 11 of the GSAS Harvard Biotech Club and Morrison & Foerster course on Legal Topics for Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Start Ups was led by Life Sciences Transactions + Licensing partner Wolfgang Schoenig focusing on key EU Intellectual Property. Wolfgang discussed Intellectual Property Rights, GMOs, and Employee inventors’ rights in the EU sharing that "it was fun to highlight some of the starkest differences between the U.S. and EU when it comes to patentable subject matter, policies around GMO, and inventor remuneration to such a talented group of researchers and entrepreneurs."

IP Litigation partner Mark Whitaker followed in session 12, providing a trade secrets overview and best practices including strategies for reviewing specific trade secrets and how to protect trade secrets overseas involving the ITC. Mark commented that "a thorough knowledge of federal, state, and international trade secrets laws, directives, and best practices is critical for inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies to adequately protect their intellectual property regardless of where they sit in the development life cycle. I hope that our session raised the participants’ awareness of these indispensable tools."

This Wednesday, we’ll turn to Plant Intellectual Property Protection with Cory Ellison.